Friday, October 1, 2010

wedding weather

Dear Fall Weather, 
Thank you for making an appearance. It was a tad late in the game
for my comfort, given the impeding wedding, but alas a fourth-quarter appearance
is better than no appearance at all.
Being slightly chilled in the morning before school and needing a hot cup of coffee, rather than my
fiance-made iced toffee nut latte was a nice change of pace from peeling my thighs off of my car seats every morning in the Central parking lot.
I expect the leaves changing colors will follow and my sweaters and scarves will be out within a few weeks.
I am not thrilled that your appearance will apparently lead to people wanting to sit on the Crumpets patio, as
though I want to walk another 10 feet to seat them, but with great joy comes a slightly less great sacrifice (or
something like that from Spider Man).
I'm further pleased when, according to my Weather Channel iPhone app, it will be a pleasantly brisk
68 degrees on Sunday, October 3rd.
Perfect Fall Wedding Weather.
So thank you, Fall Weather. Stay exactly as you are until Monday. Then everything can go to
hell in a hand basket if you wish.

the not-so-demanding bride Raquel

PS, if you could figure out what's going on with the precipitation in Memphis before we all drop dead of dehydration, it would be much appreciated.

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