Monday, July 4, 2011

growing pains

last friday, i was reminded via text from my friend molly that my sweet little reed would be turning three years old in a month.
i'm not sure if there will ever be a birthday of reed's where i say "yes, i can believe that he is  (insert age here) and emotionally, i'm quite okay about it"
i'm fairly certain that never happens to mothers.

reed bryant hinson can speak in full sentences, eat real food (though he often tries to convince me that popcorn & cupcakes are a real dinner), put his own shoes on, convey emotion (something that will likely go away after puberty) and almost
 pour himself a cup of milk. 
my little guy is growing up.
the heartbreaking part of all this is that while i've taught him to do nearly all of these things, the phrase "no mommy, i don't need your help" can devastate me faster than i ever expected.
while i miss the total dependence on me, this next phase has been really amazing.
por ejemplo:
we were driving down poplar the other day and reed started saying ouch ouch. so of course i said, whats wrong reed? and very seriously, reed said mommy the sun hurts me! it hurts my eyes!
what a sweet little guy.

happy fourth of july, everyone :)