Friday, October 15, 2010

Sneakers O'Toole

I've decided to post about the changes to our apartment that Adam & I are making.
We've gotten a lot of housewares and decorative stuff as wedding presents and since we re-signed our lease, we're attempting to make this a home rather than a temporary living space.
That being said, this post will not be about that. Something to look forward to for the readers who hate posts about reed (heathens, as i refer to them).

thanks to uncle Nathan (Nay-Fen), reed & I had Pump It Up to ourselves this morning.

the enormous slide that we only went down once.
I was pretty sure I was going to have a heart attack over reed's safety.

reed & I climbed this wall for the medium-sized slide approximately 65 times.
it tired me out, reed seemed to derive extra energy from the experience.

reed futilely attempting to climb back up to the big slide.

we also went shoe shopping today. for the pop culturally retarded, these are darth vader shoes.
sadly, the lights freaked reed out so we didn't get them. And by sadly, I mean for Adam.

the clicking from the keyboard is bothering sleepy Adam and i'm kind of having a spacey moment. goodnight, blog friends.

ps, the blog title was a random line from a Family Guy episode that Adam & I are watching right now.

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