Thursday, October 7, 2010

I learn more from Dr Seuss than Dr Freud

i've made no secret among friends of my obsession with Teen Mom. Hey, don't judge me.
I don't watch Jersey Shore, The Bachelor or Dancing with the Stars. We all have our vices.

Recently, however, the show that was once equal parts mocking those who can't speak properly and feeling sorry for both the babies and some of the moms who are neglected by the baby daddies (heretofore known as the BD's) has now become a forum for public safety announcements against child abuse and domestic assault.
In short, it's gotten beyond sad. And also a little bit like I'm watching a crime take place and then not reporting it.

Thankfully, Teen Mom was the show of the summer. The season finale is next week and while I'll miss the way it was, I'm kind of glad to be immersed in television that doesn't pretend to be about reality.
Tosh.0, I shall miss you as well.

 So what's on my fall DVR?

Tuesdays at 7 on FOX. It's described as a comedy but I nearly always break down in tears. The music is generally fabulous and yes, despite the tears, I crack up at nearly everything Sue and Brittany say.

Grey's Anatomy
Thursdays at 8 on ABC. I'm just going to say it. I still hate all the Mercy Westers. I miss Izzie & George, despite Katherine Heigl probably being a diva and TR Knight actually wanting to be in the show.

Private Practice
Thursdays at 9 on ABC. Yes, the Grey's spin-off. I basically just watch this out of nostalgia for Judging Amy & Wings and because I want to look like Kate Walsh when I'm her age.
Thursdays at 8 on NBC. I think all of my friends know about The Office. As with Grey's, we are 6 years in and my ultimate dream for the show has been realized: Jim & Pam are together. However, it's Michael's (Steve Carell) last season so I'm pretty interested to see how that works out.

And while most of my friends are anti-teen mom, if there are any unknown blog friends out there that like it, please check this guy's blog out.

So what are all the blog friends watching this fall?
Oh and the blog's title is a quote from on of the shows mentioned here. A free cup of coffee (if you go while Adam is working) to the person who comments with the correct show. No googling.


  1. the office. last week. michael to toby. holla!!

    btdubs...i'm talking about the title of the post. now when is adam working?

  2. Correct on the show, wrong about who said it. Adam is at work right now, closing tomorrow, opening saturday, closing sunday.

    You only get half a cup of coffee.

    Any other guessers on the who?

  3. I think it was Ryan? I love this post. I especially love that you used "heretofore." You are my hero.

  4. Micheal said it to Jim in the car on the way to visit Ryan in NYC right??

  5. Good job Shannon! Now you and Ronni plan a coffee date so you can split that cup of coffee. If this weekend doesn't work, I'll give you more of Adam's schedule.

    And why thank you. If I'm going to talk about something as trashy as BD's, I'd like to sound mildly educated while doing it.


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