Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just Tell Me 10 Things

I'm borrowing this posting idea from Amanda's blog, my friend from high school and fellow blogger.

1. My current sized jeans are now too large to wear without a very good belt.
The size below, of which I still have a lone pair from before reed, cannot be buttoned. It's a predicament.
2. Dinner & conversation with my husband is one of my favorite simple things but sadly, due to scheduling, has been a rare treat lately.
3. I like going to movies alone. I think I may go see HP7P1 (that's Harry Potter 7, Part One) alone since the first movie I saw alone was HP4.
4. Reed told me today, after previously telling me that Mommy was his best friend, that Ellie (& the CATS) was his BFF and that he needed my phone to call her.
I had to tell him, sadly, that she was in class.
5. I think after winter break, I'd like to give being a dark redhead a try again.
6. I really want some Blue Coast Burrito. It's been months. I miss it.
7. I want to place a ban on Adam playing Fall Out 3: New Vegas. I'm having dreams about an apocalyptic future society and I also need more attention.
8. I should be searching for commercials to write about for my Television & Culture class right now.
9. I'm listening to the music from last nights Rocky Horror Glee episode on Grooveshark.
10. I'm sleepy. And hungry.

There you go, just ten things.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What It's Like to be a Wife: Day 17

My blog is sad, so I am sad.
I haven't had a lot to post about; most of the stuff in my life right now is either too boring or too personal to put on a blog. And so my blog is sad.

But we are changing that tonight.

1. I need a new book to read. Suggestions from readers?

2. My dear friends Jesse & Robyn (read her blog, it's fab) are throwing a Halloween party.
In honor of my new wife status, I've decided to actually dress up this year.

I'm going to be a retro housewife. Pictures of the real deal will be forthcoming.

3. I lied before, I'm definitely blogging about the wedding one more time. I got all the pictures in and they are up on my facebook. But honestly, it was just too big of an event for me to not give the joy of it a blog post, especially since i went on and on about the stress.

4. Speaking of housewifely duties, I've been trying to cook for Adam more consistently. A lot of my friends, particularly the married ones, plan out their meals for the week so this week I'm trying it out.

Veggie Burritos with Spanish Rice

Buttermilk-Brined Fried Chicken, Twice Baked Potatoes & Asparagus

Four Cheese Homemade Pizza with Garlic & Veggies

Spaghetti with marinara sauce, parmesan & romano cheese
(cheap dinner night)

Cornish Game Hens with Greek Rice

Hopefully, HusbandAdam will be pleased with the effort. I don't have that much experience cooking meat so I'm relying heavily on cook books, cooking shows and the internet.

My blog is happier and so am I.
Don't forget those book recommendations :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Sneakers O'Toole

I've decided to post about the changes to our apartment that Adam & I are making.
We've gotten a lot of housewares and decorative stuff as wedding presents and since we re-signed our lease, we're attempting to make this a home rather than a temporary living space.
That being said, this post will not be about that. Something to look forward to for the readers who hate posts about reed (heathens, as i refer to them).

thanks to uncle Nathan (Nay-Fen), reed & I had Pump It Up to ourselves this morning.

the enormous slide that we only went down once.
I was pretty sure I was going to have a heart attack over reed's safety.

reed & I climbed this wall for the medium-sized slide approximately 65 times.
it tired me out, reed seemed to derive extra energy from the experience.

reed futilely attempting to climb back up to the big slide.

we also went shoe shopping today. for the pop culturally retarded, these are darth vader shoes.
sadly, the lights freaked reed out so we didn't get them. And by sadly, I mean for Adam.

the clicking from the keyboard is bothering sleepy Adam and i'm kind of having a spacey moment. goodnight, blog friends.

ps, the blog title was a random line from a Family Guy episode that Adam & I are watching right now.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

the adventures of raquel & reed: part 3

for someone with Mama in the title of their blog, I don't talk about little man reed as much as I should.
I've been thinking about changing the title of my blog, especially since I'm a married lady and this blog has been more about my life than reed's, but that's really not the point (but if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in a comment).

while I am definitely not one of those parents harboring any illusions that anyone reading this blog is half as interested in my child's goings on as I am, there are some pretty adorable pictures and reed is definitely one of the cuter children out there.

So here are the continued adventures of raquel & reed...
putting on his sunglasses getting ready for the day :)

playing with Thomas at breakfast at Cafe Eclectic.

drinking milk with his trains & mommy at daddy's Starbucks.

Target! reed's 2 and he knows the word so that should tell everyone how much we frequent the establishment.

reed's treat for being so good at the park: organic chocolate milk at daddy's Starbucks.

the crazy hat ate reed's head :)

And now sweet little reed is slumbering away, Adam has been snatched up by the closing shift and I'm home alone with only my blog (read break-in-homework) and my iTunes to keep me company.
But sadly, the laptop battery is dying and I'm too lazy to get up and get the power cord. Goodnight all. And don't forget about the blog re-do title suggestions :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I learn more from Dr Seuss than Dr Freud

i've made no secret among friends of my obsession with Teen Mom. Hey, don't judge me.
I don't watch Jersey Shore, The Bachelor or Dancing with the Stars. We all have our vices.

Recently, however, the show that was once equal parts mocking those who can't speak properly and feeling sorry for both the babies and some of the moms who are neglected by the baby daddies (heretofore known as the BD's) has now become a forum for public safety announcements against child abuse and domestic assault.
In short, it's gotten beyond sad. And also a little bit like I'm watching a crime take place and then not reporting it.

Thankfully, Teen Mom was the show of the summer. The season finale is next week and while I'll miss the way it was, I'm kind of glad to be immersed in television that doesn't pretend to be about reality.
Tosh.0, I shall miss you as well.

 So what's on my fall DVR?

Tuesdays at 7 on FOX. It's described as a comedy but I nearly always break down in tears. The music is generally fabulous and yes, despite the tears, I crack up at nearly everything Sue and Brittany say.

Grey's Anatomy
Thursdays at 8 on ABC. I'm just going to say it. I still hate all the Mercy Westers. I miss Izzie & George, despite Katherine Heigl probably being a diva and TR Knight actually wanting to be in the show.

Private Practice
Thursdays at 9 on ABC. Yes, the Grey's spin-off. I basically just watch this out of nostalgia for Judging Amy & Wings and because I want to look like Kate Walsh when I'm her age.
Thursdays at 8 on NBC. I think all of my friends know about The Office. As with Grey's, we are 6 years in and my ultimate dream for the show has been realized: Jim & Pam are together. However, it's Michael's (Steve Carell) last season so I'm pretty interested to see how that works out.

And while most of my friends are anti-teen mom, if there are any unknown blog friends out there that like it, please check this guy's blog out.

So what are all the blog friends watching this fall?
Oh and the blog's title is a quote from on of the shows mentioned here. A free cup of coffee (if you go while Adam is working) to the person who comments with the correct show. No googling.

Monday, October 4, 2010

What It's Like to Be a Wife: Day One

the wedding is over. check my facebook for pictures.

Adam & I are now married.
He is my husband, I am his wife. I am Mrs. Hinson.
I assumed, since literally nothing of our daily life would change, that being married wouldn't really feel any different. Granted, I'm only about 22 hours into this, but it does, in fact, feel different.
But what is more interesting, to me, is the wedded bliss thing that has, however momentarily, clouded our usual line of thinking. (the same thing happened after we got engaged- we didn't have a single fight for about 6 weeks)

Exhibit A
"Honey, wherever you want to eat tonight is totally fine. You put all the work into the wedding and this is your treat."
Okay, Adam can totally be the sweetest guy in the world but the man has strong opinions about food. Not only did he suggest sushi (I love it, he's not a fan so I don't eat it that often) but he asked our sister-in-law for a recommendation to a nicer place than usual.
It was his wedding night too but he made sure dinner was a treat for me :)

Exhibit B
I woke up this morning at 6 am and couldn't go back to sleep. I reached over to Adam's bedside table for the remote to catch up on our DVR'd shows. Adam stirred and I asked him if he wanted me to watch television in the living room: "Nope, I'm not going to ask my wife to watch television without the warm blankets we have in her"
Yeah, a week ago my ass would have been on the couch.

Exhibit C
At 9 am, I was bored and hungry (not bored enough, however, to get up and cook something for breakfast) so I woke Adam up and asked him to go get breakfast with me.
Normally, this is a sin against nature. Adam wakes up at 4 am nearly every morning so if happens to be capable of sleeping in, he really isn't to be woken.
Married Adam, however, rolled over and told me he'd love to as soon as he brushed his teeth.

It seems like I'm making unmarried Adam out to be a jackass (which he wasn't) but it's funny, marriage didn't seem to be a big deal to Adam. It seemed like he figured we were more or less married, but we should probably make it official for reed.

However, it seems as though Adam is pretty pleased to be a married man, and honestly, I couldn't be happier that the wedding is over and that I am his wife.

Now we get to go pick sweet little reed up from school. And yay, no more wedding blogs :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

wedding weather

Dear Fall Weather, 
Thank you for making an appearance. It was a tad late in the game
for my comfort, given the impeding wedding, but alas a fourth-quarter appearance
is better than no appearance at all.
Being slightly chilled in the morning before school and needing a hot cup of coffee, rather than my
fiance-made iced toffee nut latte was a nice change of pace from peeling my thighs off of my car seats every morning in the Central parking lot.
I expect the leaves changing colors will follow and my sweaters and scarves will be out within a few weeks.
I am not thrilled that your appearance will apparently lead to people wanting to sit on the Crumpets patio, as
though I want to walk another 10 feet to seat them, but with great joy comes a slightly less great sacrifice (or
something like that from Spider Man).
I'm further pleased when, according to my Weather Channel iPhone app, it will be a pleasantly brisk
68 degrees on Sunday, October 3rd.
Perfect Fall Wedding Weather.
So thank you, Fall Weather. Stay exactly as you are until Monday. Then everything can go to
hell in a hand basket if you wish.

the not-so-demanding bride Raquel

PS, if you could figure out what's going on with the precipitation in Memphis before we all drop dead of dehydration, it would be much appreciated.