Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just Tell Me 10 Things

I'm borrowing this posting idea from Amanda's blog, my friend from high school and fellow blogger.

1. My current sized jeans are now too large to wear without a very good belt.
The size below, of which I still have a lone pair from before reed, cannot be buttoned. It's a predicament.
2. Dinner & conversation with my husband is one of my favorite simple things but sadly, due to scheduling, has been a rare treat lately.
3. I like going to movies alone. I think I may go see HP7P1 (that's Harry Potter 7, Part One) alone since the first movie I saw alone was HP4.
4. Reed told me today, after previously telling me that Mommy was his best friend, that Ellie (& the CATS) was his BFF and that he needed my phone to call her.
I had to tell him, sadly, that she was in class.
5. I think after winter break, I'd like to give being a dark redhead a try again.
6. I really want some Blue Coast Burrito. It's been months. I miss it.
7. I want to place a ban on Adam playing Fall Out 3: New Vegas. I'm having dreams about an apocalyptic future society and I also need more attention.
8. I should be searching for commercials to write about for my Television & Culture class right now.
9. I'm listening to the music from last nights Rocky Horror Glee episode on Grooveshark.
10. I'm sleepy. And hungry.

There you go, just ten things.

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  1. Don't go to Blue Coast! Go to Swanky's! It's soo the new Blue Coast. Your stomach will thank me.


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