Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What It's Like to be a Wife: Day 17

My blog is sad, so I am sad.
I haven't had a lot to post about; most of the stuff in my life right now is either too boring or too personal to put on a blog. And so my blog is sad.

But we are changing that tonight.

1. I need a new book to read. Suggestions from readers?

2. My dear friends Jesse & Robyn (read her blog, it's fab) are throwing a Halloween party.
In honor of my new wife status, I've decided to actually dress up this year.

I'm going to be a retro housewife. Pictures of the real deal will be forthcoming.

3. I lied before, I'm definitely blogging about the wedding one more time. I got all the pictures in and they are up on my facebook. But honestly, it was just too big of an event for me to not give the joy of it a blog post, especially since i went on and on about the stress.

4. Speaking of housewifely duties, I've been trying to cook for Adam more consistently. A lot of my friends, particularly the married ones, plan out their meals for the week so this week I'm trying it out.

Veggie Burritos with Spanish Rice

Buttermilk-Brined Fried Chicken, Twice Baked Potatoes & Asparagus

Four Cheese Homemade Pizza with Garlic & Veggies

Spaghetti with marinara sauce, parmesan & romano cheese
(cheap dinner night)

Cornish Game Hens with Greek Rice

Hopefully, HusbandAdam will be pleased with the effort. I don't have that much experience cooking meat so I'm relying heavily on cook books, cooking shows and the internet.

My blog is happier and so am I.
Don't forget those book recommendations :)


  1. Yum, yum, yum... feel free to cook for me! I recently read "Same Kind of Different As Me" - really good message! what kind of books do you like? I have a small library at my house and you're more than welcome to borrow!

  2. I am no longer lurking. Hi! Do you want serious or silly? Cause I LOVE all the shopaholic books (don't judge them by the movie), very easy read and funny. I have most of them of you want to borrow. I have alot of easy silly reads. Then some more serious, you welcome to whatever I have. I have Sookie Stackhouse if you want to jump into that at all.

  3. Can't wait to see your costume! Thanks for the shout out. Also, you should come over and peruse my books. you're welcome to borrow some.

  4. I am reading the autobiography of santa claus - but I do not think it is your style. You will make the strangest version of a vintage housewife - they did not make them with mouths like yours!

  5. Cook Books... Well if you guys are into adventures in the kitchen you can try Puertorican food... It's in your genes, but growing up in middle America I'm thinking you would have a bit of a hard time with Puertorican We do eat like nobody else in the planet but somehow I don't really see you as a Pig on a Stick kinda Anyhow, Tata (grandma) was obsessed with cook books and she had many. My favorites where Martha Stewart's books (yes I know I just blew your mind by saying that LOL) The recipes are amazing and another fun one that's also very nice on the budget is Rachel Ray's. Rachel's recipes are super easy and super FAST but ost importantly super LOW BUDGET... Hope this helps.


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