Sunday, January 1, 2012

new year's resolution 2012

i'm not a big fan of new years resolutions because, most of the time, i think i'm setting myself up for failure. however, i feel like 'start blogging again' is fairly attainable and thus, i'm blogging again. 
for those who don't know why i stopped blogging, it was essentially that my husband adam and i decided to start trying to have another baby. which, while certainly a big deal, doesn't seem to impair blogging abilities but for me, it started to consume every unpublished post and i didn't want to write about it or really make it public. so writer's block ensued and never really left. 

and fertile as we have proven to be, we were successful!

23 weeks and 2 days with Baby Girl Hinson!

i'm actually over 24 weeks now, due April 19th.

in the spirit of updating on current events, a few other things have happened in the past few months:

we bought our first home
adam & i became homeowners back in October and after a few months of painting and fixing up, we are now residing in said house. i'll be holding off on pictures since as we moved from an apartment to a house, we have a few rooms with zero furniture.

adam is a new Starbucks
after over 5 years at our poplar highland location where we first met, adam is being transferred to the Saddle Creek location later this month. so Starbucks patrons of Germantown, go see my silly husband.

and other things have stayed the same. i'm still on-air at the radio station, reed is still awesome and my favorite little boy:
September 2011 on Thomas the Train in Nashville. It's his heart breaker picture.
i'm going to keep up the blog this year, albeit i think i'm going to be focusing more on pregnancy, babies, kids and mama stuff....maybe.

happy 2012 everyone!