Sunday, August 1, 2010

two years of reed bryant hinson

I can barely believe it but little man reed is two years old today. 
He is now fast asleep after a fabulous, yet small and quiet birthday (which I will update about tomorrow).

And now the two years of Reed Bryant Hinson...
the sweetest little sleeper, he pushed his hand up there by himself :)
less than two weeks old.

Almost 3 months old, dozing off after a bath.

OK under 4 months, he slept if he wasn't eating!

I love the fat rolls around his wrists and his chunky thighs.

the kid can pull off trucker hats :)
7 Months Old.

it's blurry but it's the first time he pulled up and stood by himself!
8 Months Old.

OMG Mama :) 9 Months Old.

 Reed's One Year Pictures.

 He's a little sad that the vacuuming is over.
15 Months Old.

My Little Fashionista Boy in his Sunglasses.
17 Months Old.

My Little Fireman, 23 Months.

Check back tomorrow for reed's birthday celebrations :)

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  1. Juan Cecilio MirandaAugust 2, 2010 at 6:17 PM

    He will be quite the handsome gentleman as he keeps growing. Be sure to post soon.


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