Monday, August 9, 2010

So Long Sweet Summer

With school rapidly approaching (21 days) and my dear friend Molly updating her facebook status with the imminent arrival of the Pumpkin Spice Latte (that's PSL to the barista crowd), it got me thinking about the Fall season in Memphis.

The Cooper-Young Festival
 local artists, local musicians, amazing food & beer and seeing everyone you've ever met and most of the people you'd forgotten you'd met within one day. A lot of people take issue with Memphis (I'm often one of them) but every September, I love the Cooper Young Festival. So pretty please, don't let it be 100 degrees on September 18th! 

University of Memphis Tigers Football Games
 Alright, I'm not deaf, dumb or blind. I'm well aware of the lack of talent and winning by the Tigers Football team. But I love tailgating, I love the crowd, a sea of blue & gray, in the liberty bowl, I love that feeling of hope at the beginning of the season. And just as much, I love the familiarity of the mid-season where all Tiger fans say "Is it basketball season yet?"

Memphis Botanic Gardens
 I know, the Botanic Gardens are open year round. 
However, as much as spring and summer flowers are all that is pink and pretty, the fall foliage and the leaves changing colors is beautiful. Not to mention that in the last weeks of October and the first weeks of November, the Memphis weather is actually bearable enough to spend more than 30 minutes outdoors.

The River Arts Festival
It's a fairly new festival (I think since 2007) but the River Arts Fest is amazing. Artists have tables along Main Street, galleries are open (& giving away wine) and musicians are playing up and down the streets. It's both a great date night, ladies night out or to push the kiddo's in the stroller around the streets of downtown Memphis.

the Memphis Zoo, Arts in the Park & Zoo Brew are among other things I love about Memphis in the fall.

but this year, my favorite thing about the fall is definitely...

Me & Adam's Wedding
Ah, I LOVE him. October 3rd can't get here fast enough :)

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  1. GAH, now you've got me psyched for fall (and here I was dreading the advent of closed-toed shoes :P). And the PSL (lulz can I call it that?) plus PUMPKIN PANCAKES AT IHOP pretty much seal the deal for me.

    That's a great picture of you, btw.

    - Creepystalker Megan!


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