Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mama, those are GIRLS. Mama!

Another post about the adventures of Raquel & Reed!

Last night was bittersweet, my dear friend Megan came over for dinner with me & Adam before she leaves town. It was really nice for one of my oldest friends and Adam to get to know each other better, as most of my girlfriends that he knows are my Starbucks ladies (Goodness, I love you girls!) and, to him, it's more his (mostly former) co-workers and less my friends.
But like I said, bittersweet.
I'm getting to see her tomorrow for a last coffee and she'll be back in town for the wedding in less than two months, but it was still a little sad.

 me & megan in 2004. we actually haven't changed that much :)

We were pretty busy today, this morning we went to Otherlands for coffee, milk & zucchini bread with my mother. happy happy joy joy.

After sweet nap time, we went to my OTHER friend Megan's house to play with her sweet bbgurls. be prepared before you scroll down, you might go into shock over adorableness.

Teresa & Liana

when we walked in, reed took one look at them and then looked at me and said "Mama, those are girls! Mama, Mama!" It's pretty clear that he's with buck & theodore all the time and the only girls he's aware of are in their twenties.
reed & bbgurls seemed to have a pretty good time together. they had a train table and TWO Thomas trains (on top of the one reed insisted that we bring) and a few Elmo's so that helped reed settle in. however, he didn't escape being the only boy in girl city.

that's my little man with a fairy princess wand.

 After it cooled down by half a degree we went outside to the swing and the slide which thrilled reed to pieces. actually to the point that he had a meltdown when we needed to leave.
So sorry Megan & Kevin!

we had plans to go to a Memphis Redbird's game but reed seemed a little too tired for that. though he loves Rockey Redbird so he may have perked up had we consulted him before making that decision.

 Reed & Rockey at the first redbird's game of the season.
you can tell how excited he is based on how excited Random Crazy Smiling Background Lady seems.

And now reed is asleep, Adam has made me a d&d widow for the evening and there's no Police Women of Memphis on tonight, sadly. it's nights like this when I'm alone, the apartment is clean and I've got nothing to do where I either wish school had started (11 days) or, specifically to Thursdays, that Grey's Anatomy and The Office had started their new seasons (5 weeks).

 But there must be wedding stuff for me to work on! Goodnight all :)

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