Monday, August 30, 2010

it's the first day of school. senior year redux.

It's that time of year again, people.

As summer the season lingers with a few more weeks of heat and humidity, in all practicality, summer is over.
Vacations are over, bathing suits have been retired and the smell of number 2 pencils and notebook paper is in the air.

As much as I actually love school, this fall I'm a little impatient with the fact that I'm still in college. A lot of my friends have graduated and I have that left behind feeling and, I'll tell ya, I'm not a fan. But rather than give in to the self-pity (I mean, I got an adorable child and the chance to try out a few majors out of the deal!) I've decided to look at this second senior year in the positive light that many of my classmates have:

I'm taking a victory lap.

  Now that we're past all the pessimism, here are the things i really love about school:

I love my planner for school. I like having my day, my schedule planned out so nicely.

Writing papers. It may sound crazy but I much prefer a nice essay or research paper over taking a test.

Being back on campus. As much as I love talking to reed,
sometimes it's very very nice to talk about something other than Thomas, how he absolutely
has to have his shoes on and the benefits of being upside down.

Now speaking of school, I have another class soon. Adios.

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  1. omg. there is nothing more exciting to me than school supplies... especially the planner! Even though I'm not in school right now I still get super pumped when all of the new calendars come out.

    And I love writing papers, too. That's probably why we blog... hehe

    Hope your classes go well!!


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