Thursday, July 29, 2010

the adventures of raquel & reed :)

it's been almost a week, and I'm sorry dear blogger friends. It's not my fault, Adam has taken my laptop hostage for video games knowing that when school starts (32 days for those with no Saturday classes), it will be ganked back for my use and he'll be banished back to the x-box.

he lives a hard life :)

Other exciting news that kept me from blogging, I joined the gym this week! 
 All my Starbucks ladies work out and take classes at French Riviera Spa and I figured the motivation of meeting people and taking classes with friends would help me get off my ass!
However, mama duty calls over working out tonight. I went to a hip hop class on Tuesday and worked out on my own yesterday so the first week of membership isn't a total waste but tonight's Zumba class with Molly & Robyn was put off due to the level 5 meltdown reed was having over not having shoes on, the adventures of his Thomas train and Elmo doll and the general state of affairs. I figured neither reed nor the child care center would appreciate me dropping him off in that state.

Before I get any further, Happy Birthday Heather :)

My dear (& only mom-) friend, Heather, is celebrating her 87th birthday today and reed & I took her out for a Brother Juniper's breakfast this morning.

It's SO Yummy :)

 In the other adventures of Raquel & Reed....
 pretty pretty Toffee Nut Latte from Cafe Eclectic.

Reed had the special treat of chocolate milk. Unfortunately, it was so special that he inhaled it and I didn't get a picture :(

And tomorrow we're going to see Heather, Buck and Theodore and their chickens! These are about three months old, but chickens don't change that much.

Reed & Rocky (after me) the Chicken.

And then we get a visit for dinner and movies from Aunt Ellie (who reed's been asking about all week!)

reed's first birthday with Aunt Ellie :)

I used the above picture because, if anyone can believe it, Reed's turning two on Sunday!

Before I freak out that my baby is growing up, it's Thursday which means Adam is at his weekly d&d game and I get to snuggle up with Police Women of Memphis and make my grocery list for the week.

thanks for playing, friends.

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  1. Juan Cecilio MirandaJuly 30, 2010 at 6:51 PM

    Happy Birthday my little nephew! two years! next comes pre-pre-kinder then before you know it reading zoology books about farm animals and who knows, maybe he'll take after me and go for history, theology and philosophy. Also I'd like to recommend to Adam the GURPS system of role-playing games. They allow for all sorts of scenarios and mixing of genres. also try posting videos of you dancing hip hop. that be great. Take care!
    Your brother,
    Juan Cecilio Miranda


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