Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The "Ah-Hah!" Moment in Wedding Planning

I have just had a wedding planning epiphany. I've been trying for the last two months to plan a wedding that would be representative of Adam & I as a couple as well as make everyone in our known universe happy.

as most people would expect, that's actually impossible.

actually, in addition to attempting to include everyone we've ever met as to not hurt feelings, i was also trying to make this wedding way more fabulous than either of us actually wanted it because, for some reason probably explained by high school insecurities, i wanted to impress these people. and, ladies and gentlemen, as Carrie Bradshaw has always preached, fabulous comes with a hefty price tag.

so how does my wonderful epiphany translate into wedding planning?

well I'm not spilling all the beans because I want to leave some intrigue but here are a few things Adam and I decided tonight while he played x-box live and i had a mini anxiety attack:

1. We're Cutting the Guest List. it's not the prettiest one on the list and I'm still torn about it. but if I'm honest with myself, I never thought I'd get married in front of 150 people and if it were entirely up to Adam, we'd be getting married in a field alone somewhere. Sadly, our extended families are huge and our parents would be deeply offended (and rightly so) if they weren't there and that means that some of our friends won't be invited. we're not crazy about it, but a few things had to give. 

2. We're Changing the Venue (again). this will be the third venue. i know, enough already, right? I'm not giving it away because I won't put the deposit down until tomorrow but I will say that it's not in the boonies and I'm very excited about it, despite earlier hesitation.

3. I'm Not Trying to Impress Anyone Anymore. This one says "I" and not "we" for a reason. anyone that knows Adam knows that that's pretty much the last of his worries. don't get me wrong, I do want to have a nice ceremony and reception and let our friends and family know that we're glad and excited for them to be there to celebrate with us. but we aren't Rockefellers and I'd like to stop putting up the pretense.

4. I'm Getting Back to Making the Wedding about Me & Adam. (this one's pretty self-explanatory).

that's essentially much all the big stuff.

so now I'm going back to buying wedding stuff on Etsy, tomorrow I'm booking the new(est) ceremony & reception venue and the invitations are going out by the end of next week. 
thanks for indulging this lastest wedding rant, faithful blog friends. I sincerely hope it will be the last.

but please don't hold me to that :)


  1. hey you! i tagged you! http://amanda-yourstruly.blogspot.com/2010/07/hey-thanks.html

  2. Juan Cecilio MirandaJuly 14, 2010 at 8:44 PM

    That sounds quite reasonable to me sis. But is the wedding civil or church? Just asking, that's all. BTW, send Adam a big hello from me and tell him to cut back on the XBOX and spend a bit more time on a hammock with you or playing with Reed. Trust me, games can become quite addictive. Love ya lots!


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