Friday, July 23, 2010

Crazy about Babies

it's eleven o'clock at night. for the average early twenty-something, that's not too late but it's definitely hovering around my bedtime. particularly when reed went to bed at 8pm.

so why am i awake? 

that's not really the question. the question is, why am i awake and going through my Baby Names iPhone app like its the latest E!Online breaking story about Bristol Palin taking back her semi-porn star baby daddy (it's like crack to me).

Lately, it seems like I'm surrounded by babies. our friend Liz just had a baby (baby max from this earlier post), my brother & sister-in-law are having my sweet little nephew in September, I just watched the Glee episode where Quinn has her sweet little girl and random teeny tiny babies have been stalking me. I swear, everywhere I go from Target to Starbucks to the grocery store, there are teeny tiny babies. 

my ovaries shout at me at the sight of them. Adam gives me a scared look and then tries to sleep on the couch. 

It's not rational, I know. It's definitely not the time to have another baby. And the therapist that I should probably be going to thrice-monthly would say that this is likely a reaction to the fact that reed's about to turn two and is definitely not my little baby anymore.

 sweet baby reed only one day old :)

And if I'm being honest, getting reed through potty (eeesssh i hate that word) training, learning to share, counting in the seven languages that kids now are supposed to learn or forever be banished to the short bus and everything else that comes with the terrible two's (which Adam still goes through occasionally at the tender age of 27) is more than enough for me with school and maintaining some semblance of sanity. 

but i don't care. I want another one. NOW. Girl, Boy, I don't care (ok, most of the time I want all boys). I want to pick out names again, decorate another nursery, go to obstetrician appointments and see sonograms, give birth and breastfeed again.

Moving on from my insanity to the baby name app.

Both Raquel & Reed are falling in popularity trends over the last two years, thankfully.

The top boy and girl names of 2009 are Jacob & Isabella, for all you twilight fans (Edward is also rising in popularity trends and I much prefer it over Jacob).

Since mine and little man's names start with R, I had the idea to name a possible daughter with an A name like Adam's. My favorite two names, Avery and Addison, are sadly way too popular now.


When I looked up Addison, the name means "daughter of Adam" and I'm sold.

 This has gone on long enough, though, and citizens of Memphis and readers of this blog, don't worry. Reed's going to be an only child for a while.

but seriously, keep those babies away from me.


  1. Bahahaha, I know this exact feeling, horrified SO and all. I'd probably have a million babies if I could, but I'll be lucky if I wind up with three total at this point :P

    We still need to go on a playdate; this summer has been crazy and I've been out of town with bbgurls a lot. And I had those stupid surgeries on Thursday so now I'm bedridden for another week and a half or so, but that leaves most of August, right?

    - Scary facebook blog-stalker Megan

  2. you've got the baby rabies, raquel. calm yourself! get vaccinated.

  3. LOL You're hilarious! I'm not sure what Adam would think if he knew you wanted another one NOW. BUT I think it's a great idea! (Some sister in law I am huh?) I feel like I should be telling you NO NO NO! But Addison just sounds too cute and I know Reed would be a good big brother. Plus all the cousin's could be close in age which I think is great.

  4. Oh Adam knows I want another one. It's not really a secret.

    There's a lot of pluses to popping out another one in the next year, but I think we'll have to wait two, sadly. But that just means little Addison (or whatever other boy name we like) will be the same distance from Luke as Reed and Luke are :)


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