Monday, July 12, 2010

It's Just Another Manic Monday

hello blog friends, happy Monday morning. hopefully everyone in Memphis survived the trek to wherever they're going without a boat after our wonderful flash flood warning. I'm blogging from the fabulous Starbucks Poplar Prescott so I can have free wifi and sneak a peak at my handsome man while the little man is at school.  We had a busy weekend and I must warn you that I'm sleep deprived and thus it's likely this will be more rambling and less coherent thoughts.

the Hinson-Miranda family weekend in snap shots:
Raquel & Reed date at Memphis Pizza Cafe (reed's enjoying a potato chip and wearing my sunglasses)

  a visit with our precious baby cousin Natalie (and my baby cousins Anna & Megan and Aunt Nora)

 the post-birth baby shower of our friends Liz & Rocky for sweet little baby max.

Midnight talks, Target, pizza, swimming & a movie with Aunt Ellie :)

babies were the theme of this weekend.

and now I have a Mama day, as I don't have to work while reed is at school. I had grand plans of getting a lot done but the downpour is putting the kibosh on those dreams. however, the most exciting part of the day will be meeting for a cake tasting with Ms. Karen Mulford, our adorable and tiny friend, who is also making our wedding cakes :) She's so creative and everything I've tasted of hers has been delish.

wedding plans are slightly coming along, I'm still not wild about the size of the wedding but when I think about not having all of our friends and families there...well, I'm not wild about that either. I guess the side of me that has panic attacks when I spend more than $5 can't justify spending tons of money on what is essentially a party.
then again, the side of me that turns into a giggling girl someone calls me "the bride" hates the part of me that just called my fabulous and important wedding a party. (Friends quote from Monica: "Honey, I love you but if you call our wedding a party again, you might not get invited")

I've gotta get out of this coffee house for a few hours. Friends, have a great Monday.

Oh and for my ladies, Hot Irish Guy just came in, winked at me and called me lass :)

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  1. No. He. Did. Not. AAAHHHHH!!!! You are so lucky!!


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