Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowmagedeon 2011

The first Memphis snow has come and needs to be gone by tomorrow. I'm not kidding, I've got things to do. School starts Thursday.

Reed thoroughly enjoyed the snow, however. He kept telling Adam & I that he needed to go on an adventure in the snow, which was pretty adorable.

You can't tell but Reed is wearing a Thomas raincoat, hat, rainboots & longjohns. He was thrilled to pieces. 

You talkin to me?

The Snowman that got demolished before it was finished by a neighbors dog. Reed was sad.

wearing daddy's gloves.

I hope everyone else had a good snow day, reed was thrilled about it. I've figured out that I'm not so much into snow days if I'm not in school (the University of Memphis starts Thursday) & especially not if reed was supposed to go to school and I had a lot to do that day.

But my apartment is sparkling clean thanks to being stuck indoors most of the day :)

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