Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First Day on a Brand New Internship

A few friends/blog readers have called, texted, facebooked and smoke signaled to ask how the 1st day of my new internship went. However, different friends have different priorities; Por ejemplo, even though Robyn & Ellie are sisters they were concerned with varying aspects of my first day. 
Ellie wondered how the work was and if everyone was nice while Robyn was mostly just worried about what I wore. She tends to be the most concerned out of anyone with how cute I look at any given point. 

In case anyone is new and confused, I started a radio internship this week with 96.1/107.5 The Q here in Memphis. I'm interning for the morning show so listen on your way to work, blog readers of the Mid-South.
To answer Elspeth's question, yes, everyone has been super nice and not all that intimidating. I feel pretty relaxed and at home, particularly for only working one day thus far. Now, I'm sorry to disappoint but as I didn't want to totally freak out everyone & to retain a modicum of professionalism, I didn't take pictures on my first day. I will, however, be ganking pictures from Facebook as to provide visuals of what everyone looks like.

Look, it's Maney! He hired me and I think he's already regretting surrounding himself with yet another woman. However, he seems reasonably impressed with my work ethic, though I have a sneaking suspicion that previous interns have lead him to be impressed that I tied my own shoes and can type up a resume so who knows?

It's Riley & Alexis Grace!
I actually met Riley a few years ago when I interviewed her for a journalism project about people in local media and I thought "Who better for me to interview than a Puerto Rican woman?" It turns out, no one because I got an A and had fun doing it. In an attempt to find me a nickname that isn't Rocky, Riley thinks it should be Mini as in Mini-Riley. I'm taking it as a compliment. If you have suggestions, Maney is taking them on Twitter @ManeyandRiley. Please be nice. 
The American Idol fans will recognize our hometown girl Alexis Grace from a few seasons back and, in case you didn't know, is part of the Q morning show. She was really sweet and we bonded over a mutual love of Dr Pepper & the fact that Adam is our favorite barista at Starbucks. Also, we're both mama's and I'm pretty sure Reed is in love with her adorable daughter Ryan :)

Hopefully I'll get to the point where I can take pictures real stealth-like and show the super secret inner workings of the studio to my wonderful blog readers.

Adam & I are sleepy so goodnight and good luck, all. 


  1. I had no idea your started this week! Are you going to be on air at all? I listen to them every morning on the way to work (which in all honesty is like 10 mins so I don't get to hear much). So awesome! Sounds like 2011 is going to be another super year for you!

  2. What, nothing about your Tiger Babble fame? It's Tiger Babble!

    I'm glad you're having fun over there. Now it's time for you to post about the celebrity baby boom. Go!

  3. Tina, I'm not on air, I'm just a lowly intern :)

    Ronni, I wanted to stay on topic! Plus I texted everyone that could have possibly set foot on campus :)


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