Friday, January 21, 2011

Boom! It's Celebrity Babies!

this post is a request from my fellow celebrity stalker and one of my lady loves, Ronni Jupson.  don't worry, for the few followers who also aren't bff with Ms. Jupson, I will provide a visual.

 the mollie fontaine lounge for Ronni's 21st birthday.

I had to check my calendar to make sure it wasn't 2004 again because the Celebrity Baby Boom is in full swing again and Kate Hudson managed to catch the wave both times around.

We'll start with Goldie & Kurt's progeny since I've already mentioned her. Already mom to 7 year old boy (who looks kinda like a girl) Ryder with rocker ex-husband Chris Robinson, Kate has gotten herself knocked up again by another musician, Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy.This is slightly irritating because, if anyone besides me remembers this far back, Kate was seemingly pregnant for about two years last time around. She is atypical from the usual pattern of celebs pretty much waiting for the baby to crown before they even confirm they are pregnant. For Kate, I believe the sequence of events was she took an early response pregnancy test, her publicist called TMZ and then she let the baby daddy know.

This one is one of my favorites.

Victoria & David Beckham, or Posh & Becks as our friends across the pond refer to them, recently confirmed they are adding another baby to their brood of three boys (Brooklyn, Romeo & Cruz). At this point, I think they're just trying to form their own soccer team. I love seeing Posh preggo, it's like seeing a stick figure swallow a watermelon.
Yes, I know that Selma Blair (who I love), Jodie Sweetin, Pink, Alicia Silverstone and Ivanka Trump (is she really a celebrity?) are pregnant but I'm more interested in the babies that have recently seemed to appear out of thin air.

Owen Wilson confirmed last week that he and his nameless girlfriend were expecting a child and then 5 days later, out comes baby Robert Ford Wilson which was a way more normal name than I was expecting after all of his mental health problems.

Also on the where-did-they-come-from baby list is Faith Margaret Kidman Urban, which if you're quick on the uptake, is the daughter of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban.
Nicole Kidman & baby Faith
Born December 28, 2010 via gestational carrier (is surrogate a dirty word now? I feel like this may be Camille Grammer's fault) her famous parents decided to keep mum until after the Golden Globes but just as the Oscar buzz really starts to kick up. Not that they don't love their daughter but you have to love the timing, it's pretty much a publicists dream.
Model Miranda Kerr & Baby Flynn with Husband Orlando Bloom.

While this is neither a pregnancy or a surprise, I'm including it because I just love this picture. 
A natural moment in motherhood, though I never looked like that when I nursed Reed but hey, I'm not a super model! And it's way better than the People magazine photo shoots done eight weeks after the baby is born.

Since I'm already on the topic, I'll comment on the elephant in the city of Memphis as of late.
I recently posted that there was another blog titled Memphis Mama and according to every national news outlet, there's a lot more than just the two of us with a claim to the name. Frayser High School has reported 90 girls who are either pregnant or have given birth since this school year began.
While that's terrible and very sad, I'd like to comment on something that's being left out of every news blurb being said about the topic: Several of these girls were transferred into Frayser once they found out they were pregnant because of the school's funding for student child care. They don't all reside in the same school district, Memphis City Schools are currently herding all the pregnant girls. 
Still sad and terrible, but it's not exactly accurate reporting if you leave that detail out. You hear me, The Today Show?

Lastly, Kim Kardashian? Please keep your sex-tape-having-hugeass opinions to yourself. You aren't famous because anyone cares about your opinons on the societal issues plauging America. Spritz some of your perfume on, wear a tight skirt and call it a day.


  1. Boom! is right. This was not only entertaining, but very well written. I literally lol-ed. Also, you'd be surprised and proud of me for knowing about 40% of these.

  2. I've tried commenting on this like 5 times. ANYWAY...

    I appreciate you dedicating this post to me! And I really appreciate the comment about Kim Kardassian...cuz seriously. She is irrelevant.

  3. Wowza, babies, babies, babies. The pic of Miranda is adorable.


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