Sunday, February 20, 2011

So What Do You Do There?

I've been at a loss as to what to blog about and my dearest Elspeth is convinced that people would find reading about my internship interesting. So if you get bored, blame Ellie. 

As a refresher, I'm an intern (currently the only intern) at 96.1/107.5 The Q, more specifically on the morning show with Maney, Riley & Alexis Grace.
I get to do some technical stuff like the timing of the commercial breaks that isn't that easy to describe without a bunch of radio jargon that I barely understand myself. So if my day seems light, that's the stuff I'm leaving out.

A big part of what I get to do is topic gathering for the show. Any ideas, blog readers?
 I've also been learning to edit the audio clips that we use throughout the show, like the movie clips Maney plays early in the morning or the American Idol clips we play on Thursdays and Fridays. Or I've edited the promos where Maney & Riley talk about the next days show, which is probably the most complex bit of editing I've had to do thus far. And a big thank you to my wonderful teacher, Riley, for showing me how to do that.

My favorite thing to do is to write the E! on the Q! blog since it's more my niche, clearly. Though it does come in handy that I tend to agree with Riley on the celebrity gossip since it is a first person blog written from her perspective. So if you're bored at work and want to read a raquel-blog and I haven't updated this one, mosey on over to there. And clearly, I am only talking to Robyn when I say this. 

Other than the above, I do a lot of typical internship tasks: getting coffee, making copies, running to the printer, answering the phones.

Btw, some shameless promoting right here: listen to the Q next week, Alexis Grace has a commercial out for her new apartment at Centennial Gardens and I helped her write it! And the T-I-G-E-R-S spell out at the end is me & Alexis.

Also it should be noted that while I love what I get to do at the radio station and the opportunity is priceless, I'm pretty excited that I've found a friend and reed's future wife out of the deal. Official blog shout-out to Alexis & Baby Ryan :)
And now I'm off to get ready for the Memphis Premiere Bridal Show. A perk of my internship? Getting to go all of these events.


  1. That was far from dull. Don't you know we all want to know what you've been up to over there? Thanks for the update, and I have been listening to the Q, but it's only for about 30 minutes each day, so I'm sure that decreases my chances of hearing you.

  2. I'm actually not really on the air unless there's something that I have insight on that no one else on the show does. I did talk the other day, the link to that is on The Q's facebook wall under Babymoon.

  3. That sounds like a lot of fun! You should put a subliminal message in your audio clips. What kind of subliminal message that will be I don't know. Maybe a subtle "Hi Reed" or something?

  4. I'm officially jealous! I agree with Robyn- like I want to read everything you write, silly! and I'll be on the listen-out (i.e. look-out) for the commercial!

  5. Hey Raquel-- it looks like you're doing well and having an awesome internship! I'm happy for you. =)

    How did you get involved with 96.1/107.5? Have you always been interested in radio? I've always thought it would be fun to go into that field in some capacity....I've given my voice to quite a few commercials and my work background is in media sales.


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