Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Playtime in Memphis

I said in my last blog that playtime options are limited due to the winter weather here in Memphis. If you have checked the forecast, it will be warmer this coming week but spring is hardly here, despite what groundhogs and their shadows have said.
I believe the bulk of the blog readership is sans children but here's a little something for those that are parents. And to my kid-free friends, let me know if you'd like to join reed & I on any of these adventures :)

Here are some things you and your kiddos can do:
The whole museum is a blast for kids toddlers-preteens but there is a new exhibit this month that Reed & I will undoubtedly be trying out. It's called Out On A Limb and it's open from now until May 15th for kids ages 10 and under. The Children's Museum website describes it as a "whimsical place for unstructured play" but really it's a bunch of indoor tree houses for kids to play in. Basically, it's awesome.

The Peabody Hotel Duck Procession
Okay, it sounds weird and I wouldn't drive all the way downtown just for this but if you're out and about in the west end of town, it's worth a stop-in. Every week day at 11am the ducks are processed downstairs to the Grand Lobby and then at 5pm the reverse is done as they are marched back up to the roof. If you have a toddler-aged child, such as reed, they are likely to be fascinated. Bonus- it's free!

Story Time at the Public Library's
depending on your neighborhood, they are on varying days but tend to be in the mid-late afternoon. Check the Memphis Library website for days and times in your neighborhood library. If you are a midtowner or an east memphis-er, definitely hit up the Main library on Poplar over the Highland or other branches; the kids area is much larger and they don't care if your child runs around in circles.

And to all Memphians, don't forget that Muddy's Bake Shop is open today for a special Valentine's Day treat. I always want Muddy's on Sundays & Mondays when they are traditionally closed so take advantage of the rare opportunity.

Happy Valentine's Day to all but to my love & husband Adam in particular. Thank you for asking me to be your wife one year ago today. I love you :)

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  1. So, I am obviously sans child, and I'm actually not in Memphis right now, either...but I love this post! I always find myself searching for free/fun things for to do, and I know that I'll be twice as concerned about the free things when I do have kids! And finally, I've never been to Muddy's, but they will definitely receive a visit from me the next time I'm home! :)


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