Friday, February 11, 2011

I don't know about Samtana, but here's what we've been up to

Yesterday Robyn chastised me via text message about not updating my blog so here I go, despite a lack of inspiration. Hopefully, I won't bore you readers.

Lately, my life has consisted off my school, reed, adam (barely, sadly) and my internship (which i love). Sleep, a social life and blogging have taken a backseat. The only way I've kept up with the television shows that I watch is my need for background noise while I do homework. Side note: fellow Glee fans, Finn & Quinn again? Sam & Santana (heretofore referred to as Samtana)? Really, Ryan Murphy?

Anyobsessed, here's a look at what the Hinson's have been up to recently:

Reed & I went to Muddy's. I loved the look on his face in the picture. 
Our goods. The Frankly Scarlett on the left was Reed's, the Tomboy was mine.

Pajama Day at Reed's school.
I posted this picture on Facebook and it's the background on my phone but on the off-chance that I hadn't thrown this picture in someones face, I figured they needed to see it. Those are Thomas the Tank Engine jammies, though the top is covered by his sweatshirt, tucked into cowboy boots and topped off with a cowboy hat. The kid has style. 

Baby Ryan & Baby Reed.

 My new friend Alexis and I have had a few playdates with the kids. As I expected, reed promptly fell in love with the older woman (Ryan just turned four) and followed her around asking to shower her with attention, hugs and kisses. Ryan, being the independent girl that she is, will hug reed when she feels like it but would rather he respect her personal space. If there was ever any doubt, male-female relationships are complex from birth.

Reed got way too much stuff for Christmas so we tried to space out the opening of presents. However, it's snowed a lot this winter and when it's not snowing, it's bloody freezing so playtime options have been limited. This week, we cracked open the Lego's and Adam built reed the tower he kept asking for, though we have no idea where he even learned that word and it's relation to Lego's.

And lastly,
The beginnings of this week's snowpocalypse. 
This was the worst snow so far. While the first one of the winter stuck around a little longer, the ice that followed was awful and nerve wracking to drive on. Next winter, I'll be needing a Valium prescription before I attempt to drive again.

Happy Weekend All :)


  1. All I know is, if I see one more little Glee punk wearing my clothes I am going to lash out. That nasty Quinn needs to be taken down a notch. Aren't you glad the snow is melted now, Raquel?

  2. I am pretty thrilled that the snow is gone. I've heard reports that we may get another snow in early March and if that happens, I'll be hibernating.

  3. If it snows again, I will prematurely retire to Florida. And I'm taking my humidifier with me.

  4. Glad you're back. I missed ya! + yes, I'm so completely tired of winter weather too! Enjoy the sunshine!


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