Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kids Say The Darndest Things

If you're reading this blog, it's clear that you already know how hilarious I am.
Did you know that my comic abilities were hereditary? I wasn't sure there was a gene for being funny but it's been proven over the last few weeks. Side note: Adam could possibly claim some credit for reed being a funny little guy but let's not jump the gun here. The kid already looks exactly like him.

 Am I wrong?

here's some proof that my little man is pretty damn funny.

 After discussing how Ellie & Robyn are sisters and Buck & Theodore are brothers: "Mommy, I don't want a baby brother, I want a baby sister. Now!"

About his newest friend, Ryan, my friend Alexis' daughter: "We need to go see Ryan. I need to tell her that I love her."

While we're sitting at the bar at Starbucks waiting for Adam, an older lady came up to reed & introduced herself as Robyn: "Hmmmm. No, you're not Robyn. Mommy, where is Robyn?!?"

After apparently watching a little too much Thomas the Tank Engine: "Take me back to Sodor at once!" 

Sitting at his Thomas activity table: "This is my nice, quiet place. Mommy, hush."

Now, I realize that other people aren't going to find reed as adorable and charming as Adam & I do but even those people that aren't quite into kids have to admit that he's pretty cute.

I have some mom followers and I have a few followers with much much younger siblings- do the kiddos in your life say hilarious things? Tell 'em to me!


  1. One morning my brother walked into the kitchen. In a teasing voice, my mum asked him why he had so many freckles. "They're freckles from the government!" he responded.

  2. I work at SAA-SDS after care in the early childhood center, and have for 5 years, and I could write a novel on all the hilarious and random things those 3-6 year olds say. You should make sure to write Reed's hilarity down so you can remember when he is older!

  3. i agree with bekah!! my grandma used to write down things i said and as i got older, she'd read it to me. i was such an angry/funny little girl.

    ... this sounds more self-centered than it is supposed to.


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