Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Alright, I have a tiny confession...

I'm not being boastful when I say this but I'm pretty thrifty. Frugal, one might say. I clip coupons, I buy in bulk on sale, I sell books and clothes in order to buy new ones, I put a percentage of every school refund check & paycheck into savings.

In short, I'd call myself fiscally responsible.

HOWEVER. I'm not immune to what I, and many others, refer to as the impulse buy. I'm guilty of the People Magazine and US Weekly at the grocery store if the cover looks particularly juicy, every now and again. But by far, the most egregious offense that I have in this category is the purchase of television on DVD. 

It's awful, but I do it once a year when the new releases hit and I realize that I just have to catch up on whatever show is premiering in two weeks but I fell behind on watching due to whatever circumstance. 

I'm confessing this, dear blogger friends, because I've fallen victim to this financial vice once again. And by falling victim, I mean I didn't exert any amount of willpower or responsibility. 

I purchased season six of Grey's Anatomy on DVD. 

Judge if you will, but it was on sale. And if you're not familiar, a lot of shit went down this season on Grey's and I can't go into season 7, which I won't miss because of our pretty pretty dvr, without knowing all the drama of Meredith Grey and Co. 

And hey, at least I kept up with The Office last season or I'd have to pick between the two shows. 

And who's making that easy choice, Sophie?

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