Friday, September 10, 2010

Almost-Wife, Interrupted

i know, i've been super remiss about the blog lately.
i wish i could blame this entirely on school starting, work, needing time for baby reed and Adam, ect. 
In reality,  it's largely because my laptop is still hijacked nightly after reed goes to sleep so Adam can play his online games.

Apparently, all the xbox games aren't that interesting lately.

I hope this has somewhat come to an end. 
With 23 days left until the wedding (not that I'm counting), Adam & I had a come to Jesus talk about our relationship and how we spend our time. Not suprisingly, the time he spends playing games, both video & board, were on my list. 
And i think we came to an agreeable compromise. 

speaking of the wedding, after that conversation with Adam, it began to dawn on me that this wedding I'd been planning for the past few months was going to result in an actual marriage. 
the idea of being married in the abstract has never really appealed to me. that's probably some combination of the 6 failed marriages between my 3 parents and an inaccurate view of what being a wife is (think Donna Reed). If I'd never met Adam, I'd probably graduate and promptly become married to my career and my girlfriends.
being married to Adam though? I'll admit, I'm pretty excited to be Mrs. Hinson (except I won't technically be until after I graduate) and to have Adam as my husband.

For most people, when they get married, something changes. They honeymoon, they move in together or they buy a house together or they start to think of kids. Or something.
But for me and Adam? Seemingly, nothing is going to change. We may score some new bedding and dishware, but we've done all of the above (minus the honeymoon, which we won't be doing any time soon- stupid school year).

And that knowledge is making me listless. 
I always thought when Adam and I finally got around to getting hitched, it would be the first step of many in moving forward. Getting big-kid jobs, moving out of Memphis, buying a house, giving reed the little brother (ok, maybe sister too) he wants. 

For now, we're stuck in the "Raquel's still in school limbo" which I've managed to make longer by not being able to figure out what I want to do with my career until after I'd decided on something else.

Oh well, at least I get to spend my life, limbo or no, with this adorably goofy man.

the whining portion of the blog is over for the evening, ladies and gentlemen.

I'm settling in to do clerical wedding work and listen to the Glee soundtrack on grooveshark

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