Wednesday, March 23, 2011

TV Time

I told all my faithful blog readers what was on my fall line-up and now that spring has sprung, it's time for an update. 

As is the case with nearly every popular show, I jump on the bandwagon 4-5 years late (except The OC, I was there from the get-go). Anyways, I've been in love with David Boreanaz since the third grade so I'm fairly surprised it took me this long to get into it but thank God for TNT reruns. It's far wittier than Law & Order and the sexual tension between Booth & Brennan is so thick you could cut it with that week's murder weapon. Tune in, friends. 
It's on Thursdays on FOX at 8pm.

Bethenny Ever After
 Formerly of The Real Housewives of New York City, Bethenny Frankel is a natural foods chef, author and overall bad ass entrepreneur. Can you tell that I like her? Her new show is about life after marriage & baby and how to juggle them both with running your own empire. (Side note: Adam got me a bottle of her Skinny Girl Margarita- it's delicious and only 100 calories a bottle. I may start drinking on the regular again). I find Bethenny hysterical and refreshingly honest and you get a Bravo reality show without the table flipping and bitch slapping you get with the Housewives shows.
Also, check out Bethenny's website for awesome recipes.
It's on Mondays on Bravo at 9pm.
On a related note, due to my awesome internship, I got to talk to Bethenney on Tuesday!

Big Love
I watched the first season when it originally aired and then went to live in the University dorms where students having HBO just isn't a priority for the folks over at Resident Life. 
With adulthood came the option to have Netflix and thus, I've been watching this wonderful series. Currently I'm in the midst of season 3 and it's just fantastic. Oddly, when TLC began to air the reality version, Sister Wives, I was just super creeped out.  Plus, for all the Memphis folks, it's a good opportunity to support our local gal, Ginnifer Goodwin.
I believe the series finale just aired (if you value your life, you won't tell me how it ends) but pretty much everyone has Netflix so that's where you should watch it. 
And in case I have any male readers, Adam is currently obsessed with BBC America. Namely, these two shows:

Top Gear

what are all of you watching? is there a must-see television (as Elspeth would say) show that I'm missing?


  1. Yeah Bones!!!! best. show. ever.
    Gotta love House and the new Mr. Sunshine too.
    also, Daniel and I are watching Dr. Who from maybe three years ago?

  2. I am so glad you mentioned the O.C. Without it my life (and probably yours and Robyns) would never be the same.

  3. We're meant to be, Raquel! I have been with Big Love since the get-go. In the dorms, I could have totally hooked you up with my HBO dealer (aka my brother's apt).. Prepare for many mini heart attacks as you travel through the seasons.

    I've also been watching Bethenny and I love love her.
    We have a dry humor in common.
    And an affinity for margs.


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