Tuesday, March 29, 2011

taming the chaos

about three times a year (fall, spring & summer semesters) i have to do what I call "taming the chaos" of my family. for my fellow students out there, it's always challenging to coordinate a work schedule, a school schedule, a social life, perhaps a greek organization....it's hard. or at least it was until I became a mom/wife/student/intern-turned-producer whose husband has a full time management position.

i'm not whining. trust me. I know how fortunate a young family is to be employed, educated and still have some time together, particularly in this economy. 
actually, i'm bragging. 
my dear friend Nathan has long since been a strange combination of impressed & petrified of my organizational & time management skills that have only been more finely tuned since becoming a mother. 
And I wanted everyone else to share that mixture of awe and fear.

nathan & I looking a little bit like siblings. 
which is only fitting since his girlfriend (ellie, the best friend) & my husband look exactly like brother & sister. 

see what I mean?

anyways, in the face of all of that madness, i've found that i thrive in the situation and my organization skills are pretty top notch as of late. 

just to be a little bit more specific, here are the many elements of scheduling that I have to organize:

Adam's Work Schedule. 
i have to do my best to keep him as the opener most mornings (as that is where he is a rock star) while i work on a morning radio show. 
i also have to do my best to arrange around adam's weekly game night which is ever changing due to two of the players being university professors and another being a PhD student. 

Reed's Child Care Schedule. 
in case anyone doesn't know, reed is 2 and a half now. 
he goes to a parent's day out twice a week for about five & a half hours a day.
we love it, he loves it. he really thrives in the social interaction. 
however, sometimes life starts before the 9am drop off time (life like a morning radio show maybe?) and that's when creative scheduling comes in handy. 

My Class Schedule
the longer i'm in school, which who's really keeping track (please nobody keep track), the harder this piece of the puzzle is to manage. 
the higher division classes are harder to schedule because there are fewer of them, particularly in a program on the smaller side like journalism. 
my 1st semester back after having reed I took 15 hours. 
I stacked my classes primarily on Mondays & Wednesdays and then had 2 classes Friday mornings. 
this fall, i'm looking at 1 class monday/wednesday/friday, two classes mondays & wednesdays, two classes on tuesdays & thursdays.
Oi with the poodles already. 

The Morning Show
 this one is probably the most fun & the hardest to work into my life. 
adam opens every morning at Starbucks, save for his 2 days off a week (if that). 
he gets there at 4:30am. I have to be at the radio station at 5am. 
we have a small child. 
see the problem?
but i love it, so I tame the chaos. 

and in case you're wondering why dear Nathan has ever been scared?

it's my desk calendar. 
(complete with a color coded highlighting system)

the above + my iPhone are my biggest lines of defense in the war against disorganization. 
what keeps you organized? 
and would you like lessons in the art of arranging your life via color coded highlighters? cause i could teach that class. 


  1. You just blew my mind. You are so impressive. Let's get together with the Haire girls and the little man soon, please. :)

    matters of merrymaking

  2. My highlighter collection has dwindled since high school, but my iPhone calendar looks like a rainbow as well :)

  3. I love the juxtaposed pics of you/Nate & El/Adam. Very funny. This post reminds me of how when Ellie calls you to complain about her schedule, she prefaces it with: "I know you have like 6 husbands, 18 kids, 4 jobs and take 32 hours worth of classes...but...."

  4. Yay I finally made it on a blog! Yes we need to update a picture of us, that one isn't doing it. This one is much better though... http://www.facebook.com/raquel.miranda.hinson#!/photo.php?fbid=1412924212270&set=t.38914945&theater

    And yes that calendar still amazing me.

  5. All praise color coordinated calendars!


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