Sunday, June 12, 2011

winner winner chicken dinner

i am a money making machine. 
no, i'm not talking about working two jobs (humblebrag), i'm talking about a little place i'd like to call Tunica, Mississippi and how i owned it on Friday night. 
adam's 28th birthday (yes, he's very old) is coming up this monday so had a momma and daddy date night in Tunica at Harrah's to celebrate.
i've only been to Tunica to gamble once before and I absolutely hated it. the frugal saver within me counted each dollar in terms of gallons of milk and toothpaste to the point of ridiculousness.
 however, in the spirit of adam's birthday and the fact that i was only gambling on the penny slots, i committed to having fun with it. 
And boy, did I. Not only did i dominate the Paula Deen Buffet, thereby assuring that I wouldn't be getting into my bathing suit this weekend, I owned my little penny slots all the way to turning $35 into $275. 
yeah, I did.
and as a non-gambling type, I also had the good sense to put it in my pocket and sip a free pina colada while adam played poker.

all in all, it was a good little mini-vacation. 

and if you're in memphis and you stop by adam's starbucks tomorrow before 1pm, make sure to say hi to the birthday boy. 

look at how cute he is :)
Happy Sunday Funday, all. 


  1. So precious! I love this!! Congrats on the winnings and your good sense.

  2. Damn! So you're gonna use some of that money to come visit me, right? :) Tell Adam I say happy birthday!


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