Thursday, June 23, 2011

when this is all over, i'm going to need a nap

i'm going to have to try really hard while writing this to not sound like i'm bragging (or humblebragging, which is slightly different and much funnier) so bear with me.

i've had a pretty amazing week this week, professionally speaking. 

after about seven months at the radio station going from intern to producer and learning all kinds of things i never thought i'd know, i'm having my first all by myself on-air shift this saturday morning from say this came out of nowhere wouldn't be entirely accurate but it was very much a zero t0 60 thing over the course of this week.

sure, i talk during the morning show but morning radio and being a disc jockey are totally different animals. i'm nervous and excited but mostly, i'm just surprised. 
when i got into journalism in college, i really fell in love with public relations especially since it meant i could still write. i never thought radio would be a career path, even after i first took the internship, and while most people wouldn't disagree that i could make a career out of talking, it's still scary to think about changing paths, even so slightly. 
at the same time, i'm very excited and so thankful to everyone who has helped teach me and so lucky for this opportunity. so please listen (in tennessee on 107.5, in mississippi on 96.1 and elsewhere on the website link above)!

moving on.

i drink tons of coffee every week to the point where i think i might be comprised of at least 20% pure caffeine. hey, we all have flaws. but this week i had an exceptionally great cup of coffee because it was with Suzanne from the East Memphis Moms blog. I saw on twitter (follow me @raquelhinson) that she was looking for guest bloggers and after a few emails, we met to talk and she was awesome! Her youngest and reed are the same age so there's also a possible play date in reed's future. it was really nice, she was beyond encouraging and seemed really excited to have me write for her blog. she also did a mom spotlight on me which was very flattering, so thanks Suzanne. 
all moms in the Memphis area: follow this blog, like it on facebook and then take advantage of all the cool stuff around town she finds for us to do with our kiddos!
and my last bit of cool news is that i'll be hosting this little party at Gould's in Collierville:

alright, i'm done. i promise. happy thursday all. 

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  1. Can you elaborate on the red-carpet affair you're going to be hosting? Is it a Q thing or for the internship? BTW, totally going to listen on Saturday (from the internet, of course). Good luck!!!


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