Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the Christmas Wrap-Up Part 2

As is our usual custom, Adam & I split our holiday time between our families, spending Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas Day with his.

This year, my brother David hosted Christmas at his & my sister-in law, Dara's, house. It was lovely, reed thought the Christmas tree was a thing of magic. And luckily, Dara is a photographer and we got lots of wonderful pictures from the day's events.

Playing with his Christmas Ho's (& Gordon).

Me & my sweet little nephew Luke.

Father-Son talk about the art of opening presents. And don't ask me why Reed insisted on putting his hat on.

David's really excited, apparently.

It looks like I'm weighing in on the opening presents lesson.

Isn't my husband sweet with the babies?

For Christmas Day, fewer pictures were captured, or if there were more pictures, no one is being real speedy about putting them up on Facebook. Largely, this was due to the Flip video camera that my father-in-law Jerry received from Andrew & Nicole and we were far more focused on taking videos.

While both dinners were delicious, I'll admit I was looking forward to dinner at Andrew & Nicole's a tad bit more. Last year, Andrew got a deep fryer and we had deep fried turkey. This year, I pretty much demanded another serving. To say it was delicious is putting it mildly, it's a little like heaven. Normally, I exercise a bit more self-control when it comes to the fried food but once a year can't kill me. Right?
A big thank you to Adam & Andrew for the delicious turkey.

As far as presents were concerned, Reed made out like a bandit, especially thanks to both sets of his grandparents. The major theme of his gifts were Thomas & his friends, with a few segues to the Toy Story characters and some Lego sets. I have a feeling he's getting on board with this whole Christmas thing.
Did any of my awesome followers give, recieve or eat anything of note during the holidays? Do tell. 
 And with that, I say Au Revoir to the Christmas season.


  1. It was a wonderful Christmas, and it was so much fun to see Reed old enough to understand some of it and enjoy his bounty!! I remember your first 8 months, the boxes were the biggest deal to you!

    My favorite gifts were my MUCK boots from $50 Tractor Supply gift card from Granny & Grandad...(yep your momma has turned into an old farm girl!)...but most of all, a happy Christmas with you, my darling grandson Reed, Adam, my other darling grandson Luke (who is getting pretty darn cute himself!!), David, Dara, and everyone!!

    Next year maybe at Gigi's house, as soon as we get the living room redone! (Hey we have 12 months surely it will be done by then!) Love You! Momma

  2. Holy crap. Reed is a grown up. I love it. I also love that you dress him like a little man and not in those ridiculous outfits some hateful mothers dress their little boys in.

  3. Shannon, Reed actually just asked me if his W-2 had come in the mail yet. He's getting big. And I call those horrid outfits the "sissy outfits" and I shall not dress a boy in them.


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